Monday, November 26, 2012

Frost And Fog For A Mid Day Appointment

Everything was frosty this morning. Leaves were crunchy underfoot and heavy with ice to fall to the ground. The fall season is definitely here. The picture above is one of the spider webs in the yard frosted over.

I have been saying for years that I need an MRI of my waist, but I have learned that doctors do not like educated patients. Today I was told I probably have an incorrect diagnosis of endometriosis, although it's been removed twice therefore I am afflicted with it, but something else is going on so we need an MRI. Thank you! Why do doctors have to see me in pain rather than talk with me about my findings? I go to the doctor's office when I'm not in pain so I know I can get back home, but they don't believe me. Words aren't enough. It's not fair to me, though, to have to be in so much pain. How am I going to get to a doctor when I'm in pain? I did it once a few years ago to show the doctor some of what I go through, no pain medicine for the last bout of endometriosis that was removed, and I screamed and cried the whole way. I drive a stick shift and it hurts to move my legs. If I didn't stay hunched over, I hurt worse. Imagine trying to drive while hunched over and not being able to use your legs without causing pain in your abdomen. I'm not quite back to that yet, but it's coming.