About Me

There isn't much that gets me down. I am a happy person. I joke a lot and I can be very sarcastic and, to some, jokes and sarcasm can be seen as negative. I can't help how my actions are received. I can only know for myself that I'm not being negative. Most of the time I am well received so I won't discount that with the few times I'm not.

My favorite ways to relieve stress: Singing, Dancing, Laughing, and having conversations. I have a unique way of dancing that was once described as Egyptian, Latin and magical. I have no idea what I look like. I must be doing something right! I've been asked by different people at different clubs if I know what I'm doing next, if my dancing is choreographed or if I just do it. I just do it. I feel the music and do what my body will allow.

I love crafting. I sew, paint (oil and acrylic), use oven-bake clay, I garden, draw and write, to name a few hobbies.

I also meditate, occasionally I do yoga, but I stretch every day. I have fibromyalgia and meditation, stretching, laughter, and listening to buddhist talks help me stay calm while no one believes in the condition. I'm not buddhist or religious in any way. I think every religion belongs here and I don't see what's wrong with taking something from each of them. I don't get why anyone would preach that one is better than another. I understand it, but I don't understand why it keeps happening. Why is religion touted as positive and preachers of loving thy neighbor when I have been to services to know some pastors/preachers will preach every sunday that anyone not at that church or in that religion is going to hell. I don't agree with such strict and absolute ways. If there isn't room for error, how can we learn, grow and become better people? I thank my mom, a very religious person and quite a strict parent, for allowing me to go to other churches so I could gain knowledge on most religions out there.

I have no complaints about my life. When people hear my stories they say, "You poor thing, you've had such a rough life." No need to give me pity. I am very happy to have had the lessons I have. I wouldn't be where I am today without my past. I only bring up anything I have gone through so people can know that I have been through rough times and made it through each and every time.