~The only thing I can control is my attitude toward life

~There are always options, I always have a choice. Try replacing every "have to" with "want to" and see if the statement still holds.

~Life is forever a balancing act. Learn how to balance your reaction to change, remove anger and frustration and you will feel much lighter each day. 5.14.2011

~On getting chores done: I realized that I forget about the work I accomplish. I might beat myself up for having so much left to do, but how is that conducive to being happy? I was telling myself that the work I did accomplish and complete wasn't enough. Why? I get something finished every time I attempt to so why not look at the things I did well instead of what I haven't done yet. No more looming chores. I will be happy with what I Have done. It does matter.

~We have to let there be opportunities for others to help us. We can't always help others. They need to see that they can be relied upon as well. Then our bonds with friends and strangers can strengthen. Maybe we can teach one another that people aren't out to get us. (this is how I get through depression, I know there is a reason for it, even if it's not to directly benefit myself) 6.30.2011

~When people criticize, recognize that that is how they treat themselves. You don't have to accept criticism if it isn't constructive. Critical people torture themselves with the same negative talk that you hear from them. They don't have a happier vocabulary to rely on as often as happier people might. Turn the anger you might feel toward them into love. You can offer some nicer ways to see the situation so they can have something happier to wrap their mind around. Forgive critical people for being mean. They don't fully understand how mean they are.

~Are you giving or are you expecting something in return -Ajahn Brahm

~When you throw away your concerns of the future and your concerns of the past nothing goes wrong -Ajahn Brahm

~Maybe my job right now is to break the idea that one is educated and knowledgeable only if they have earned a degree at a college and the more degrees equals more knowledge or smarts. I disagree completely and I always have. That might be because of the state of our society. Maybe when we stop fighting and bombing and being forceful and meddling with other people's issues as if they aren't good enough to handle it on their own then we can get back to finding a relaxed community that is not worried about when the next war will be and where, then we can possibly go back to college and education being important. I'm not sure it should mean someone gets a position over another person because they have a bachelor's as opposed to an associate's. I think the hiring process should reflect the needs of the company and law requirements but not to look for only people with higher education. There are many people like myself that have a good story or history of learning another side of life and we may have the same amount of education but in different areas than the school textbook.1.12.2012
Unless otherwise noted, these are my thoughts. I put dates with some and others I guess I thought I would remember the date. I do the same thing with my paintings. I seem to learn this lesson every few weeks.