Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What will be the next phase of life in America?

No Parking (from) 2-5 AM sign in South Downtown Seattle
No Parking sign in SoDo "No Parking (between) 2 - 5 AM"
     I have been wondering about something that probably won't have an answer or outcome for a while. Will the nomadic lifestyle become accepted? I think the question is actually when will a nomadic lifestyle become normal, but there will be confusion and maybe a fight for it to be okay.

      People across the country are getting used to dumpster diving which can teach that one can move anywhere and be able to find anything they need from food to furnishings wherever they go. In Seattle, there is a large community of campers with awesome airstream trailers and RVs. There are also people in the city that fear those who live in them, but Seattlites fear everything. Some businesses even put up No Parking signs illegally that say no parking between 2-5am. Many of the signs were legal, but some were not. There was an article (that I can't find right now to be able to link to) about some signs being removed a couple times, the first time the city removed them prompting the business to put new ones up and poured concrete so they couldn't be removed again since they thought vandals did it ("thought" in my opinion, but I realize I could be wrong). The city gave them a time limit and the business took them down the day the limit expired. I found one just last weekend in SoDo on Occidental Ave at the SoDo Park. I don't know if it is legal or not. Either way I think it's pretty dickish. I could be one of those on the street in my car...anyone could be homeless and in need of shelter and since they (those who have homes) have placed a judgment of "bad" on the homeless or being homeless, if it happens to them they will feel like the worst person ever and possibly commit suicide. Seattle could be the empathy capital of the world, but I fear it will take a large scale disaster either natural or not to force these people out of their fearful shells and they will be forced to work with each other.

     What about the rest of the country? I know the homeless in St. Louis have Larry Rice offering shelter, though he's not that great a person. I think he's been focused on one thing for too long and has become stuck. Dumpster diving in St. Louis offers amazing finds and I know many people that have some of the best finds like stained glass windows and beautifully painted chairs.

     I wonder about nomadic life becoming reality because some people know life is grand and would rather not be stuck in a city where people want others to think life is grand so they themselves won't have to do the work to force them to see how grand it is. (You don't have to force anyone to see anything. Stop doing it.) Some people love meeting new people and some enjoy learning about other cultures. We also have the Native American culture that will need to rework the treaty soon. Will any Indian Tribe want something nomadic worked into the new treaty? They shouldn't be stuck on pieces of land here and there should they? I guess they are used to it now, but no one should be stuck anywhere in my opinion. I don't agree with owning land and property, but I accept it. I would love it If I could travel around the country living in my car.

What will it be called? Will it be a noun? A verb?

Nomads, Nomading, Nomadic lifestyle