Friday, September 20, 2013

Photo Storage And Sharing

To store photos online, in the past and up to now, I have used Yahoo who took the service away, Flickr who had and may still have a storage limit, Photobucket who has a storage limit and lastly I tried Google's Picassa. In Picassa I was mislead to think I had unlimited storage. I went back to Photobucket who mislead me even better than Picassa (because with Picassa I knew there was a limit, what I was lead to see was that it would be nearly impossible to reach 5gig.) to think I had truly unlimited storage. I finally bit it even though I was poor and I bought an external hard drive...that got thrown away so even tax documents are gone.

I decided to see what else is out there for my last post and I found some interesting stuff that I thought I would share. I also don't want to keep sharing things with myself by emailing to myself.
     This one did not work for me in connecting the image I uploaded to this blog, but it seems like a good site for sharing and maybe storage.
     They say unlimited storage. We'll see. I can't remember which company it was, yorkphoto, something about fish, and maybe shutterfly, that said "unlimited" but meant "unlimited as long as you purchase prints from us." Shutterfly, like PhotoBucket, handles cell phones and has a program for the desktop.
     I assume this one is like tinyurl so you have a shorter link than some that can be more than one line long.

That's all for now. A nice short post with interesting finds. I will look into them further one day, but each time I sit down to do something on the computer, I have to leave. Now is one of those times.