After a huge misunderstanding I realized that it isn't worth my energy to worry about people not understanding me. I learned that I can't make anyone see what I mean, where I am coming from, that I am a loving person...I can only know this for myself. Since I realized that, I haven't had any disagreements or arguments. That's not to say they won't happen, I can't help the times I encounter someone who is already in a bad mood. What I can do in those situations is know that I didn't do anything to cause their bad mood so they aren't taking it out on me. They just don't see their actions. Or they are depressed, thinking they don't matter, and no one can embark on good encounters from that kind of thinking. I feel happy to encounter them so I can possibly help their day get better, but it's not disenchanting to my character if I don't do or see what I intend.