Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Money Hungry Hoarders

I am not sure if I am for an income cap, but it dawned on me today (and I'm just now able to put words to all the feelings that arose when the idea morphed/dawned on me earlier today) that money is like food in that the more you get the more you want.

I starved for more than a year. Some days I had two meals, other days I had two cookies. I got really good at rationing food to myself. A pack of peanut butter M&Ms could last a couple weeks if I ate 2-5 at a time as I felt tired and confused because I was so hungry. Now that I have food a little more regularly, though not much more, especially when I am pmsey I can't easily stop eating a pack of M&Ms (still peanut butter). If I wasn't sure I would have breakfast tomorrow, I would put the pack aside after no more than five pieces of candy and cry through the pain until I either fell asleep or had five more.

As with money, I think about what I would do if I had more. When I have to make purchases, I am careful to stretch out my money. When I have plenty of money, I spend away. This is what marketers want and this is what drives rich people to fight for their "right" to get richer and hoard money.

Do we need to have an intervention with them? Hoarding isn't healthy.