Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Today And Tomorrow

Or: Today, still the same as yesterday, Tomorrow, forecast for hilarity, rich people not amused

I have tried four or five times to type a post, but I end up all over the place and if I feel incoherent then reading it would have been awful (or hilarious if you're like me and you can laugh at just about anything).

Since I have spent about six months in the 15th to 19th centuries researching my ancestors, I am going to read some more things of today to get used to knowing the date (since we are a couple hundred years since the last time the year, month and day was changed, except for the countries that acquiesced later, even less than one hundred years ago) and seeing no "f's" where an "s" should be, though the topics are largely the same, sadly. We've been struggling across the world for equality throughout, eliminating or at least seriously diminishing sexism and classism, and we still haven't tried what would most likely work: empathy.

We won't stop people from being angry and certainly not if we bomb them. Who doesn't dream of revenge when their mother or child was murdered? It's America's problem right now, 'wish I had a say, but my vote seems to go nowhere, but one day there might be a different country attempting to capture a dominating power. As long as people are allowed to see another type of person whether they look the same or completely different, as the enemy, then we will remain dumb as a species. We could be learning about the various cultures of the planet (the same planet), and we could focus on any aspect of science, which could prepare us for life on other planets. Don't think we need to worry about leaving this planet? Is that because you don't know how gas works? The sun won't last forever. Why not start now to secure a life for our children's children? At the moment I think humans are too dumb to worry about continuation, if we could just stop killing in the name of this or that idea of god, but there are so many good people out there (currently outshined by stupidity within politics) that I do have hope

I foresee stupid religious types jumping on the bandwagon after it's been worked out and those who spent the time and money will say, "No, you cause war and we don't want that on this new planet we are to inhabit." I want to say that those who are religious and not jerks won't be disregarded (and they will be included in moving to a new planet), but they might be left behind because of the atrocities committed in the name of the religion they follow. It will be interesting to watch, though I won't be alive for it, and maybe religious fanatics will have settled down (and maybe even apologized for things they may not have had a part in? Apologies that are heartfelt go a long way to mend judgments and relationships). If money is power and power is a right and if an inanimate object such as a corporation is a person (now with rights to power), then money can buy anything so even assholes who might ruin life for everyone might still  be included in inhabiting a new planet. The culture shock alone would be worth writing about.

Possible headlines: Richest man on new planet doesn't get his own way.
Richest man on new planet learns what depression is like, can't take own life, no one will change the laws on access to medicine and weapons just because he wants his way.
Richest man on new planet no longer richest man, no one wants his money.
New planet has new system of creating and offering goods in a public market.
Richest man on new planet appears confused, Never learned anything outside of business.
Richest man on new planet Most socially awkward, can't hide behind pretentiousness any longer.

My future posts will focus on racism and classism as I now see that what I have talked about in the past are in the same genre. Now I see why no one gave a shit about what I had to say when I was out west. We can't run from possibly upsetting topics. You can't be afraid to look bad if you want to help society. Sincerity means a whole lot more to the world (and the people within) than  protecting from hurt feelings. We need to get used to handling difficult feelings while in the presence of others, also known as patience or "keeping your cool" if we want to see something resembling peace and/or happiness.