Monday, August 19, 2013

Living life fluidly

It's hard to write the way I do when I'm not happy. I can't put my understanding spin on things. I'm pretty miserable right now. At the same time I'm not miserable or unhappy because I know I can learn a lot from all I've gone through in the past year in Seattle. I get to see just how good St. Louisans have it. One way is that there are some great and healthy options at each grocery store in St. Louis while King County/Seattle makes me drive miles to get just one thing at a store...they Really like locals so you find more from the area than items one might actually want.

And once again I have to run out the door so I have to stop with the thoughts stuck in my head. This is why I haven't posted anything in months. I think about it daily, but part of my misery is at home where I'm not appreciated. It's been a very interesting look at life. Rich with learning opportunities.